Monday 10 July 2023

‘No One Gives A Sh*t!’: Dana White Flames Reporter For Asking Him Ridiculous ‘Racial Undertones’ Question

 How can you not love Dana White (and Israel Adesanya at that)?

A reporter was absolutely flamed Saturday night by Dana White after they asked the UFC president about Israel Adesanya using the N-word towards South Africa’s Dricus Du Plessis in a post-fight face-to-face.

Adesanya, who uses trash talk as a big part of his game, called Du Plessis (a white South African) the N-Word over and over again — he even hilariously called him “my African brother.”

What you just saw is nothing more than a promo to build-up the hype around their scheduled championship bout, however, a reporter couldn’t help themselves but to ask Dana about the “racial undertones” of Adesanya’s words.

“I know you say, Hey, this is the fight business. People say nasty things, right? But the tension between those two and kind of the racial undertones and all those things, what were the racial undertones?,” asked the reporter. 

Dana White — without hesitation that made for comedic gold — outright defended Adesanya, telling the reporter that it’s just part of the business. And he also pointed out that Adesanya is black (duh), so “who gives a sh*t?”

“I could care less. This is the fight business. Israel Adesanya can say whatever he wants to say. Who gives a sh*t? Why are people b*tching about that? Too f*cking bad,” responded White.


Dana White and Israel Adesanya — these dudes are straight up G’s.

Like I said earlier, this is nothing more than a wrestling-style promo (that Dricus Du Plessis is god awful at, by the way), there were no “racial undertones.” It was simply trash talk, that Israel had me dying laughing at. Man, I swear people are so sensitive today, and Dana is right … why on earth are you bringing that emotional crap into a sport like fighting?

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