Monday 10 July 2023

Joe Biden Tries To Talk To Standing Guard Who Can’t Talk Back, King Charles Tries To Push Him Along

 If you need a cringey pick-me-up this Monday, check out this video of President Joe Biden attempting to communicate with the King’s Royal Guard, only to be hurried along by King Charles III.

The King’s Royal Guard are arguably some of the scariest dudes in existence. Sure, they might wear a slightly silly outfit to work, but these men are some of the toughest that Britain has to offer, according to Reader’s Digest. Traditionally, almost famously, the Royal Guard are not allowed to talk to anyone other than members of the monarchy or tourists who get in their way.

WATCH (roughly 1:42 to 2:12):

In the context of his most recent visit, Biden was a glorified tourist, but still felt he had the clout to engage the Royal Guard in conversation. When that didn’t work, King Charles III can be seen, in a video shared to Twitter, trying to shuffle the president along, kind of like how we shuffle grandma along from the salad bar. 

We can’t hear what the heads of state were both wittering on about, but judging from the King’s reaction, he seemed a little exhausted by Biden’s antics. Thankfully, the Royal Guard didn’t react the way one of them did when a tourist got to close in April 2023. 

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