Monday 10 July 2023

WEAPONIZED BANKING: Big UK bank freezes Nigel Farage’s accounts

 British banks are directly interfering with Nigel Farage's private accounts. According to Farage, he is being frozen out of his accounts and is unable to engage in banking activities in the United Kingdom.

Farage is a British politician who served as a member of the European Parliament from 1999 to 2020 representing several populist conservative parties like the United Kingdom Independence Party and the Brexit Party, with the overarching goal of getting Britain out of the European Union.

The acts against Farage's bank accounts is another boundary event in the gradual deployment and normalization of the weaponization of the global financial system to require compliance with social and political objectives.  

In Farage's video statement on Twitter, he mentioned that he has gone through some difficult times because of what happened to him.

Farage explained that he has been with the same banking group since 1980 and that he has had personal accounts with them since that year. He also opened business accounts in the 1990s when he worked in London and in recent years.

Several months ago, Farage received a phone call with the bank's representative saying they would be closing his accounts without giving a reason.

The caller told him he would receive a letter that would explain everything. But when the letter arrived, all it said was that the bank would close all his accounts by a specified date.

Farage was understandably confused, so he complained and emailed the chairman. The bank's chairman called back, but only to tell Farage "it was a commercial decision."

Seven other banks refused to let Farage open accounts

Thinking that he now had to sign up for an account at a different bank, Farage went to seven other banks, all of which refused to allow him to open a personal and a business account.

Farage explained that there is "nothing irregular or unusual" about what he does and that the payments that go in and come out every month are often the same. He added that he maintains a "big positive cash balance" in his business account, which should also benefit his bank.

Farage is worried that the closure of his bank accounts could affect his future career and whether he can stay in the United Kingdom.

He pointed out that what is happening to him is unprecedented, and he does not believe any other politician in modern day Britain has been treated the way he is being treated by banks, which are part of the big corporate structures in the U.K., many of which did not want the country to leave the European Union.

According to Farage, it is possible that the corporate world may have never forgiven him because they know that if he did not launch his successful campaign to leave the E.U., the Brexit referendum would never have happened. Farage concluded that life in the U.K. is slowly becoming unlivable because of the levels of prejudice against him. 

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