Saturday 10 December 2022

HERE COMES THE FLOOD: Biden Regime Boasts “Full Steam Ahead” on Terminating Title 42, Welcoming 30,000 Illegal Aliens EVERY DAY


Since assuming power, Joe Biden has deliberately orchestrated the worst border disaster in American history to pacify the radical left. An announcement from his regime on Wednesday, however, will make us long for the current crisis.

An unnamed Biden administration official told CBS News that Biden intends on ending Title 42, a Donald Trump-era pandemic rule blocking asylum seekers at the U.S.-Mexico border, as scheduled on December 21. The Department of Homeland Security, the official said, “continues to charge full steam ahead.”

Another official told Axios the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) made a “science-based” determination that Title 42 was “no longer necessary.” This is from the agency that completely bungled the COVID-19 pandemic and withheld critical data from the public.

The regime’s final decision comes in wake of far-left “Judge” Emmet Sullivan blocking Title 42. In his ruling, Sullivan claimed he found the rule “arbitrary and capricious in violation of the Administrative Procedure Act.” 

Sullivan did grant Team Biden a stay on the order “with great reluctance.” The only reason he did this, though, was because Biden already planned on getting rid of Trump’s indispensable border policy.

Upwards of 14,000 migrants are camping out in Tijuana, Mexico this very moment waiting for December 21. From Breitbart back in November:

“We will stay here until those four weeks pass. That is the goal, to get ahead and so our children can have a better future,” one migrant from El Salvador said.

“I am hopeful that I will get to cross, and God will be with me on my journey,” another migrant said. “I have faith.”

One cannot overstate the calamitous consequences from the regime’s decision to completely erase the border. Back in April, Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) told Breitbart News he expected 30,000 illegal aliens to cross every day if Title 42 went away.

Extrapolating Biggs’s estimate to months and a year reveals even more astonishing numbers. 30,000 per day would mean about 900,000 illegals crossing a month and almost 11 million a year. How will border communities manage to survive this flood should these numbers come to fruition?

The Biden regime’s decisions regarding the border have already caused widespread destruction. The most notable decision is the implementation of catch and release back in February 2021. 1.4 million illegals have been released into American cities thanks to this policy. This includes a number of rapists and murderers who have victimized our citizens.

Biden’s border policies have also resulted in the worst fentanyl crisis in our history. In 2021, almost 108,000 died from fentanyl overdoses. These deaths occurred disproportionately in rural, Trump-supporting communities. As Senator-elect J.D. Vance told Jim Hoft back in April,  “it’s like Joe Biden wants to punish the people who didn’t vote for him and opening up the floodgates to the border is one way to do it.”

With the end of Title 42, expect murders and rapes of American citizens by illegal aliens to skyrocket along with more fentanyl deaths. The sheer number of inevitable border crossings and relocation of illegals opens the possibility that entire communities will be wiped out and then replaced. Any guesses which political party ultimately benefits from this exchange?

If Biden loved America, he would work with Congress to end the border crisis immediately. But we have learned over the past few years that his only loyalty lies with the color green.

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