Sunday 11 December 2022

TOO FUNNY! Trevor Noah Says Goodbye to Entire Audience of Humorless Lefists in Masks and Cries

 Peak Comedy–

As Cassandra Fairbanks reported earlier today, Trevor Noah cried as he signed off for the last time as host on The Daily Show.

Noah was a complete flop. His audience dwindled and was half of that of his predecessor.

His lecturing was a bore and his leftist arguments held no weight.

And like other leftist comedians, he forget he was hired to make people laugh.

The joke was on him.

In his final farewell, Trevor Noah cried as he said goodbye to his leftist fans.

When the camera flashed to the audience the leftists were all masked up like wild Pitbulls.

It was a perfect ending to a failed career.

We will truly miss all of the lectures from the South African.

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