Saturday 10 December 2022

John Kerry Blames Recent COVID Bout For Failed Climate Change Talks With China

 President Joe Biden’s climate czar John Kerry is having a tough time wrangling his Chinese counterparts to come to the table on climate change hysteria.

On Thursday, Kerry — a known jet setter and Biden’s “dear friend” — blamed his recent inability to have any concrete conversation with the communist country on a recent bout of COVID.

Kerry told The Washington Post’s Sally Buzbee that it would be “great” if U.S. taxpayers could help foot the bill as a major “contributor” to climate change reparations for Third World countries. He also said that we need to “demand” nations such as China start negotiations.

When Buzbee asked whether or not China would oblige, Kerry tossed that dream up on a wing and a prayer.

“I would hope,” the typically dour-faced failed presidential candidate responded. “I would hope.”

Buzbee simply responded, “Okay.”

Perhaps Kerry realized that hope isn’t a strategy and instead offered up an excuse.

“I mean that’s — we will, you know, we’re — we picked up the conversation with China in Sharm,” Kerry said about a recent diplomatic mission to the COP27 meeting in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, in November.

Yet those communications were foiled by the Chinese Virus — as it is known outside the Beltway.

“Unfortunately, you know, I got COVID in the last few days, and we had to — we couldn’t quite finish those conversations,” he explained.

“Right,” Buzbee said.

“But we will continue,” he claimed.

Well, The Washington Post’s audience might not realize it — but Kerry’s latest alibi is more of the same.

China has eaten his lunch ever since he stepped into his mysterious, tax-dollar-funded office.

Consider that in September 2021, Kerry flew to China to discuss potential deals regarding the climate.

As explained by Anders Corr, a longtime China observer and publisher of the Journal of Political Risk, “the Taliban got a better reception” from the Chinese Communist party than Kerry did.

A delegation from the Islamic terrorist group met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in person during the summer of 2021.

Kerry had to meet with a CCP underling via video chat.

Corr called it a “diplomatic snub” and a “joke” at the U.S.’s expense.

The comedy tour continued as China ramped up its coal production capacity in 2022  — even as Kerry begged the world to heed his warnings.

Kerry’s CCP equivalent, Xie Zhenhua, doesn’t seem all that interested in Kerry’s courtship.

Here’s a brutal assessment from The New York Times of how the pair’s relationship has fared since springtime: “Mr. Kerry, who has known Mr. Xie for 20 years, has said he spent the summer and fall emailing Mr. Xie without much response.”

They did meet briefly three times while in El-Sharm, but alas, it seems that pesky COVID ruined an otherwise embarrassing display of America’s dwindling soft power over our enemies.

In the end, all America’s unelected climate envoy can do is “hope” and fret about “the survival of the planet” while lecturing the entire globe that the world “desperately needs to come together” on this issue.

Maybe if his remarks wind up shared on the Chinese-backed app TikTok, he can finally get the message across to the country he says we “need to get” on board with the Biden administration’s green energy utopia that will never come.

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