Friday 14 June 2024

‘We Were Brutalized Tonight’: Professional Climate Crybabies Mad That Capitol Police Protected Congress

 Protesters representing the left-wing climate activist group Climate Defiance attempted to disrupt Wednesday evening’s Congressional baseball game, and then complained that they had been “brutalized” when the Capitol Police — on hand to protect the members of Congress who were playing and watching the game — actually policed the Capitol.

Several members of the group jumped over barriers and attempted to “take the field” — though most were tackled and handcuffed before they could even make it past the dirt track — to protest the continued use of fossil fuels and the fact that Chevron had sponsored the annual charity event.

When all was said and done, eight arrests were made and all of those involved were directed to exit the venue — with the crowd cheering on the police officers the whole time. But Climate Defiance was not amused, and responded later in a post to X.

“We were brutalized tonight — beaten and bruised as we took over the Congressional Baseball Game. Our bodies are bloodied but our spirits are unmoved. We will build a better world. We will rise again. We will prevail. Just you wait,” the post read.

The group followed that with a link where people could donate to a legal fund for the eight members who remained in jail for their participation in the protest.

“Calm down Spartacus, you guys didn’t even make it out of Left field,” one person responded to the post.

“the greatest national security threat to our long term future is not Russia, it’s not China, it’s not North Korea or Iran or any other country. It’s epidemic of theater kids who grew up on Glee & didn’t get stuffed in lockers enough growing up. There’s still time. We must act,” another added.

Several pointed out that not even ten years had passed since a left-wing shooter had opened fire on Republican members practicing for the Congressional baseball game in 2017 — and noted that given that history, the Climate Defiance activists were lucky they didn’t get shot.


Several pro-Hamas protesters also attempted to disrupt the game early on, but were escorted out after being drowned out by the crowd chanting, “USA! USA!”

Republicans won Wednesday evening’s contest in an absolute rout, 31-11. In the charity game’s history — beginning in 1909 – Republicans have won the most games with 49. The largest margin of victory went to the Democrats, who won 36-4 in 1928.

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