Friday 14 June 2024

Conservative Group To Launch Ad Campaign Targeting 10 Dems On Immigration

 A conservative organization is reportedly launching a multi-million dollar advertising campaign that slams 10 Democrats over their record on immigration.

A new report from Axios reveals that the American Action Network (AAN) will spend $9.5 million focusing on the unnamed politicians who could be vulnerable in the upcoming election.

AAN is a 501(c)(4) organization that can receive unlimited donations and is said to have ties to the Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF), the House GOP leadership’s main super PAC. While the CLF can engage in direct political advocacy, the AAN maintains its status as a tax-exempt organization by engaging in issue advocacy. Unlike the CLF, however, AAN is not required to disclose its donor list.

The news was reported shortly after it was revealed that One Nation, a conservative organization aligned with Senate GOP leadership, is spending $15 million on ads hitting Democratic Senator John Tester of Montana over his immigration record.

The emphasis on immigration comes as a flurry of polls have found that President Joe Biden is in trouble with voters on critical election-year issues. One March poll found that just 36% of voters approved of Biden’s handling of immigration, while another poll indicated that immigration was the top issue on the minds of voters from February through April.

Meanwhile, in an April poll, only 20% of voters said they believe the United States has control over its own borders.

While Biden’s border policies have been met with disapproval from the public, voters appear to be warming up to some of former President Donald Trump’s immigration rules. One poll found that more than 60 percent of independents believe that we should deport most or all illegal immigrants. Trump has pledged to carry out the mass deportation of illegal immigrants if he is re-elected to the presidency in November.


Biden has faced mixed messages from his fellow Democrats, with some calling for increased border security measures while others demand amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Biden’s poor polling on immigration comes as the United States has witnessed a record-breaking increase in illegal immigration at both the northern and southern borders during the Democrat’s term. Immigration officials have recorded more than 9.5 million nationwide encounters and 1.7 million estimated illegal immigrant gotaways under Biden’s watch.

The foreign-born population residing in the United States has also hit an all-time high of 51.6 million since Biden was inaugurated, marking an increase of 5.1 million since March 2022. The rise was driven primarily by illegal immigration into the United States.

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