Saturday 11 May 2024

Top Democrat Pollster: RFK Jr.’s Support Among Republicans Will Collapse If They Learn His Real Views

 A top Democrat pollster said this week that the support presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has from Republicans will collapse if Republicans learn his real views on the issues.

Mark Penn, a former adviser to former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, made the remarks during a Fox News interview with Sean Hannity.

Speaking on the support that RFK Jr. enjoys from some on the political right, Penn said: “I think that it will drop in half if Republicans learn the views, right now they don’t know these things.”

“And there’s a group of Republicans that don’t like anybody and he’s now the alternative to the alternative,” he continued. “So he’s got some votes, but I agree with you, he would lose a lot of Republican votes if this screen that you’re putting up there really got out and got broadcast.”

As Penn spoke, Hannity’s show listed RFK’s most extreme left-wing positions, including: “Supports push to clean energy and zero emissions, supports eliminating fracking, endorsed Bernie’s climate plan, supports divesting from fossil fuels, supports carbon tax, supports Paris Climate Accords, called the NRA a ‘terror group,’ supports affirmative action, supports reparations, supports amnesty for non-violent drug offenders, wants to ‘transform the police,’ called Louis Farrakhan a ‘truly great partner,’ supports raising minimum wage to $15/hour, supports labor unions, supports raising taxes, endorsed Al Gore in 2000, endorsed John Kerry in 2004, claimed 2004 election was stolen, donated to Obama, endorsed Hillary Clinton for Senate in 2000, endorsed Hillary Clinton for president in 2007, repeatedly praised Bernie Sanders, a ‘sin’ for people to not address global warming, blamed America for causing 9/11, supports ESG,” and “called Fidel Castro ‘incredibly charming.'”


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