Friday 3 May 2024

IT’S SPREADING! HUNDREDS OF STUDENTS at Ole Miss Gather Around Pro-Hamas Encampment and Sing the National Anthem – Chant “We Want Trump!” (VIDEO)


Hundreds of students gathered around the pro-Hamas encampment at Ole Miss and chanted, “We Want Trump!” and sang the National Anthem.

On Wednesday morning,  n the heroic University of North Carolina fraternity brothers who protected a fallen American flag from a pro-Hamas mob despite a violent onslaught from the radicals.

The melee started after police confirmed approximately 30 anti-Israel demonstrators were detained for refusing to leave an encampment erected on campus, and Students for Justice in Palestine organized a walkout in protest.
According to KVIA News, during the walkout, protesters tore down barricades and took down the American flag situated on the quad, and a Palestinian flag was raised in its place.

The American flag was flying at half-mast to honor the police officers tragically killed in Charlotte earlier this week.

Chancellor Roberts personally returned with police to replace the American flag while protestors threw bottles, rocks, and water at them and yelled obscenities.

In a rare show of leadership from a college administrator, Roberts faced down shrieking protesters saying, “This university doesn’t belong to a small group of protestors. It belongs to every citizen of North Carolina.” 

When the protestors attempted to remove the flag again, the fraternity brothers stepped up to protect it while they sang the National Anthem.

They made sure the flag never touched the ground despite the barrage of objects thrown at them and the violent rhetoric shouted at them by the unhinged activists.

UNC student Guillermo Estrada shared what happened.

Now, it’s spreading!

Thursday afternoon at Ole Miss, HUNDREDS of male students gathered at the Pro-Hamas camp and began singing the National Anthem.


“>End Wokeness


There were HUNDREDS of young men surrounding the encampment.

Gotta love the “I hate terrorists” T-shirt.

The Ole Miss protesters chanted, “We Want Trump!”

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