Saturday 6 April 2024

Stunning Study Confirms ‘Gender-Confused’ Children Mostly ‘Grow Out of It’



Expert explains that’s why chemicals, surgery are ‘such an outrage’

In direct opposition to the suspect claims of transgender activists that children who are “gender-confused” must have medical “care” that goes up to and includes surgical body mutilations, a new 15-year study confirms that most of those kids, if left alone, “grow out of it.” 

report from the Daily Mail confirms the study results show that “being trans is usually just a phase for kids.”

The report explained, “Researchers in the Netherlands tracked more than 2,700 children from age 11 to their mid-twenties, asking them every three years of feelings about their gender. Results showed at the start of the research, around one-in-10 children (11 percent) expressed ‘gender non-contentedness’ to varying degrees.”

However, by age 25 only 4% said they “often” or even “sometimes” were discontent with gender.

“The results of the current study might help adolescents to realize that it is normal to have some doubts about one’s identity and one’s gender identity during this age period and that this is also relatively common,” the study found.

Under the openly radical push by Joe Biden and his administration, the transgender ideology has exploded in popularity over the last few years.

Multiple federal moves have insisted that transgender “rights” supersede even the U.S. Constitution and that chemicals to alter physical characteristics and even surgical mutilations of healthy bodies is normal, even beneficial.

The study prompted Patrick Brown, of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, to tell the Mail, “This study provides even more reason to be skeptical towards aggressive steps to facilitate gender transition in childhood and adolescence. The fact that rates of satisfaction are lower even just a few years later suggests that for the vast majority of people, prudence and caution, rather than a rush towards permanent surgeries or hormone therapies, will be the best approach for teenagers struggling to make sense of the world and their place in it.”

He noted the evidence suggests policies that ban gender transition for children “make a great deal of sense.”

The researchers, from the University of Groningen, noted their analysis of 2,770 people did not focus specifically on those in treatment for dysphoria.

The study asked participants to respond to: “I wish to be of the opposite sex” at six points over 15 years. The results, documented in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, confirmed 78% had the same feelings about their gender over the 15 years.

Nineteen percent became more content and only 2% were “less comfortable,” the report said.

The study found, too, “Gender non-contentedness, while being relatively common during early adolescence, in general decreases with age and appears to be associated with a poorer self-concept and mental health throughout development.”

The report noted from 2017 to 2021, some 121,880 children from 6-17 were diagnosed, then when Biden took office and started promoting the ideology, in 2021 there were 42,000 such diagnoses.

Likewise, the report noted sex change surgeries are exploding, up 40% in some years, even though sex cannot be changed as it is embedded in the human body down to the DNA level.

Biden recently offended millions in his country when he declared a “Transgender Day of Visibility” on Easter Sunday. The promotion apparently is observed each March 31, which was, in fact, Easter Sunday.

Dr. Jay Richards, of the Richard and Helen DeVos Center for Life, Religion, and Family, told the Daily Mail, “We’ve known for over a decade that most kids who experience distress with their sexed bodies resolve those feelings after they pass through natural puberty.”

He said up to 88% of gender-dysphoric girls and 98% of boys “desisted” while going through puberty.

That is why, he told the publication, “‘Gender-affirming care’ on minors is such an outrage.”

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