Saturday 6 April 2024

SHOCK: Ecuador Troops Invade Mexican Embassy To Arrest Former Vice President Jorge Glas Who Was Granted Asylum (VIDEOS)


The Friday night in Latin America was filled with political turmoil, as an elite group of the Ecuadorian army RAIDED the Mexican embassy in Quito, to arrest former vice-president Jorge Glas, a fugitive from local justice who had been granted political asylum by Mexico.

Armed Soldiers of the Ecuadorian Army, in black vehicles, broke the external doors of the Mexican diplomatic headquarters and accessed the courtyards.

Glas, convicted of corruption charges,  was arrested and taken into custody.


The reaction was immediate: head of the Mexican Embassy, Roberto Canseco spoke out:

“This is not possible. This is madness!!! I am worried because they might kill him. There is no basis for this. It is completely outside all normality, and they are doing it because he is a persecuted person. I am totally defenseless, the country is taken over by this group. This is the worst case I have ever experienced in my career.”

Article 22 of the Vienna Convention states that diplomatic premises cannot be violated.

Former Ecuadorian Vice-President Jorge Glas.

Director of the Latin America Watch NGO, Augustin Antonetti wrote on X that the Mexican government might declare war on Ecuador for invading the embassy.

“If [Mexican President] López Obrador goes crazy, tomorrow he could declare war on Ecuador. The assault on the Mexican Embassy may be considered an attack on Mexican territory, despite sheltering a high-level criminal. This is going to get very ugly. Pay attention to what happens.”

An Official statement from the Presidency of Ecuador states that actions at the Mexican embassy were to “defend national sovereignty, with zero tolerance policies:

“The National Government informs the public that Jorge Glas Espinel, sentenced to imprisonment by Ecuadorian justice, has been detained tonight and placed at the disposal of the competent authorities.

Every embassy has only one purpose: to serve as a diplomatic space with the aim of strengthening relations between countries.

No criminal can be considered a political persecuted. Jorge Glas has been sentenced with a final judgment and was subject to an arrest warrant issued by the competent authorities.

Ecuador faces a non-international armed conflict, the repercussions of which on democracy and citizen peace will only be incremental if acts that interfere with the Rule of Law, national sovereignty, or matters of interference in the country’s internal affairs continue or are condoned.

Having abused the immunities and privileges granted to the diplomatic mission that housed Jorge Glas, and granting a diplomatic asylum contrary to the conventional legal framework, his capture has been carried out.

Ecuador is a sovereign country, and we will not allow any criminal to remain unpunished.

We reiterate our respect for the Mexican people who share our sentiment for the fight against corruption that affects our countries.”


Alicia Bárcena, Secretary of Foreign Relations of Mexico, officially announced on X the suspension of relations with the government of Ecuador:

“In consultations with President López Obrador, in light of the flagrant violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and the injuries suffered by Mexican diplomatic personnel in Ecuador, Mexico announces the immediate severance of diplomatic relations with Ecuador.”

Mexican diplomatic personnel is said to leave Ecuador “immediately.”

Diplomats are, at this exact moment, collecting their personal belongings and leaving the Ecuadorian country immediately.

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