Friday 15 March 2024

NYPost Slams Canadian ‘Thought Crime’ Bill That Goes Full ‘Minority Report’

 The New York Post Editorial Board published a piece Thursday laying into a recently-introduced bill that they argued would turn Canada into an Orwellian nightmare.

The bill in question (Bill C-63), referred to as the Online Harms Act, was first introduced by Justice Minister Arif Virani in February — and would empower the government to place citizens on house arrest if social media posts provide “reasonable grounds” for officials to believe that someone “will commit” a crime.

“No, Canada!” the Post’s Editorial Board wrote in response. “The country that brought you debanking protesters and government-assisted suicide for the poor now wants to criminalize speech to lock up people for life and to put wrongthinkers under house arrest if the state sees a chance they will commit a crime. Doesn’t get more Orwellian than that.”

Minister Virani claimed that the bill was all about safety on the internet, something that he said hit close to home because he had children himself — and suggested that it would be no different than forcing toy manufacturers to abide by certain product safety regulations.

Another provision in the bill addresses “advocating for genocide” and increases the penalty for that particular infraction from five years to life in prison — and the Post noted an inherent risk in that provision as well.

“We’re sure a law that criminalizes ‘advocating for genocide’ could never be twisted to criminalize support for Israel,” they wrote. “The pro-Hamas left will have a field day.”

The penalties for social media companies would be steep as well if they dared to refuse cooperation if the bill becomes law: fines could be upwards of a staggering 6% of global revenue.

“Handmaid’s Tale” author Margaret Atwood pointed out the dystopian future the bill was likely to help facilitate, saying via X, “If this account of the bill is true, it’s Lettres de Cachet all over again. The possibilities for revenge false accusations + thoughtcrime stuff are sooo inviting! Trudeau’s Orwellian online harms bill.”

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