Thursday 18 January 2024

Left-Wing Media Freaks Over ‘Mysterious Red Marks’ on Trump’s Hand – Dem Strategist James Carville Claims it Looks Like Syphilis (VIDEO)


President Trump on Wednesday was photographed while he was on his way to a Manhattan court to attend atrial where the jury will decide how much he has to pay E. Jean Carroll for his so-called ‘defamatory’ statements about her.

The left-wing media freaked out over red marks on President Trump’s right hand.

It could be red marker or blisters from playing golf, but miserable leftists like James Carville immediately claimed Trump has syphilis.

“So this photo of lesions on Trump’s hand is real and from today,” far left ‘reporter’ Aaron Rupar said on X.


“Former President Donald Trump was spotted heading to court to face his rape accuser with several mysterious red marks on his hand.” Metro UK reported.

“The ex-president waved with his right hand at cameras as he departed Trump Tower on Wednesday morning en route to Manhattan federal court. The gesture revealed that Trump had red marks on his thumb, index finger and upper palm.” Metro UK said.

“As Donald Trump waved at supporters today, he flashed bizarre red splotches on his right hand – sparking a slew of hilarious conspiracy theories online.” The Daily Mail said. 

“We asked a dermatologist about the mystery marks on Trump’s hands. Here’s what he said.” Business Insidersaid.

The dermatologist told Business Insider of the four likely possibilities: Trump’s hands are too dry, blisters from playing golf, he got lime juice on his hands, or a rash/bug bites.

Democrat strategist James Carville claimed it may be syphilis.

“They look like syphilis,” James Carville said of the red marks on Trump’s hands.

Carville claimed he asked several doctors (who never examined Trump) what the red marks could be and the answer was “immediate: secondary syphilis.”

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