Thursday 18 January 2024

BREAKING: Godless Biden Regime Flagged Americans Who Shopped at Dick’s, Cabela’s or Who Bought Christian Bibles! (VIDEO)


Biden regime asked banks to surveil private transactions for terms like MAGA or TRUMP following J6. And flagged purchases at Dick’s or Cabela’s.

The Biden regime allegedly flagged transactions using terms like “MAGA” and “TRUMP” for financial institutions. This is a direct violation of the US Constitution.

Individuals who shopped at stores like Cabela’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, or purchased religious texts like a Bible, may also have had their transactions flagged.

This is a shocking report.
The House Weaponization Committee reported on Wednesday night that the Biden regime was targeting Americans who were shopping at Cabela’s and Dick’s and those Americans who may have recently bought a Bigle!

We are clearly witnessing the MOST GODLESS ANTI-CHRISTIAN regime in US history!


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Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan shared the shocking details on this latest infringement by the Biden regime on your individual rights on FOX News earlier today.

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