Monday 22 January 2024

Kamala Harris On Biden’s Mental Sharpness: ‘He Is Extraordinarily Smart,’ Can ‘See Around The Corner’

 Vice President Kamala Harris defended President Joe Biden’s mental sharpness as voters continue to express concerns about the 81-year-old’s ability to perform his job.

Harris made the remarks while on the campaign trail in South Carolina in an interview that aired Sunday on ABC News’s “This Week.”

“I spend a lot of time with President Biden, be it in the Oval Office, in the Situation Room, and other places,” Harris said. “He is extraordinarily smart. He has the ability to see around the corner in terms of what might be the challenges we face as a nation, or globally.”

Harris said that the support that Democrats were seeing on the ground in South Carolina showed people “applauding quite loudly” at the administration’s accomplishments. “They’re there because they believe in what we’re doing and they want to see us continue to do this work.”

When pressed over recent polling that shows a Biden-Harris ticket potentially struggling against a hypothetical matchup against former President Donald Trump, Harris said, “If it is Donald Trump, we’ve beat him before, and we’ll beat him again.”

“I am of the school that you either run without an opponent or you run scared,” she said. “I have learned that to be a fact, and that is the way that I feel about any election. So absolutely not. You can’t take anything for granted. And we have a duty, a responsibility, to earn this re-elect.”


Harris said the campaign’s challenge with black voters was relaying the administration’s accomplishments for the black community.

“You got to earn the votes,” she said.  “And the votes are going to be earned based on, one, in a re-elect, have you actually responded to the needs of the community? We have a responsibility to communicate. We’ve done really good work. Our challenge will be to let people know who brung it to them.”


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