Monday 4 December 2023

Hunger Games: DC Elites Gather at Kennedy Center and Cheer Joe Biden as Americans Suffer Under His Oppressive Rule (VIDEO)


The elites mock you as they enjoy their galas, and concerts, and awards shows.

America becomes more and more like a communist sh*thole every day under dementia Joe and Dr. Jill, his handler. Those in power hold lavish parties and celebrate while the working serfs toil away for their few morsels and worry about how they are going to pay their bills.

On Sunday night Joe and Dr. Jill attended the 44th Kennedy Center honors. This year Dionne Warwick, Billy Crystal, Queen Latifah, opera singer Renee Flaming and music star Barry Gibb were honored at the posh gala.

Meanwhile, the peasants outside face higher crime rates and greater homelessness.


The award winners wore rainbow lanyards for some reason.

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