Monday 4 December 2023

Donald Trump Hilariously Blames Ron DeSantis For Florida State Not Making College Football Playoff


Former President Donald Trump decided to throw a blow Monday at fellow Republican presidential candidate and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis while making a comment about Florida State getting royally screwed out of the College Football Playoff.

Taking to his Truth Social platform, Trump pointed out how the CFP committee treated the Seminoles “very badly,” which they did — no other team is missing the playoff while going undefeated and winning their conference championship. And in hilarious fashion, the former president blamed DeSantis for the committee’s horrendous decision!

“Florida State was treated very badly by the ‘Committee,’” Trump posted. “They become the first Power Five team to be left out of the College Football Playoffs. Really bad lobbying effort….Lets blame DeSanctimonious!!!”

Dude, I died laughing when I saw this.

Like I said, I’m a fan of both Trump and DeSantis. The former is the greatest president of my lifetime and a resident of Florida, while the latter is the current governor of the Sunshine State and the best governor I’ve ever had. I love them both.

And while I’m on the subject of presidential candidates, let me send a shoutout to my man Vivek Ramaswamy! That dude is a saint!

But anyways, back to Trump and DeSantis. I don’t care how you feel about either candidate. Love ’em or hate ’em, love one and hate the other, don’t care. You HAVE to agree Trump’s comedic gold truly is a treasure. 

Obviously, DeSantis had nothing to do with FSU getting rigged out of the College Football Playoff, no duh! Trump knows this! But what’s one of the best ways to pull people in politically?

MAKE THEM LAUGH! And Trump is such a friggin’ genius at it, with this case being a grade A example.

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