Sunday 19 November 2023

NEW: Biden White House Rejects Requests From Congress to Interview Biden’s Inner Circle in Probe of Stolen Classified Documents


Joe Biden has made it very clear that he will not cooperate with congressional Republicans investigating his stolen classified documents.

Robert Hur, the special counsel investigating Joe Biden’s stolen classified documents is not expected to bring criminal charges, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Rather, the special counsel will release a report on his investigation.

“The prosecutor investigating why classified documents ended up at President Biden’s home and former office is preparing a report that is expected to be sharply critical of how he and his longtime aides handled the material, but the probe isn’t likely to result in a criminal case, according to people familiar with the matter.” The Wall Street Journal reported.


At least 5 White House aides, including former White House Counsel Dana Remus were involved in Biden’s classified documents scandal.

The timeline of the classified documents scandal presented by Biden’s attorney is a lie.

House Oversight Chairman James Comer last Monday subpoenaed former White House Counsel Dana Remus for a deposition related to Biden’s stolen classified documents investigation.

“I’m issuing a subpoena to former White House Counsel Dana Remus to appear for a GOP Oversight Committee deposition related to President Biden’s mishandling of classified documents,” Comer said last Monday.

“Joe Biden may have kept sensitive documents related to his family’s foreign business schemes,” Comer added.


“We just received a letter from the Special Counsel to the President making it clear the White House intends to continue obstructing our investigation.” the Oversight Committee said on Friday.

“If President Biden has nothing to hide, then he should make his current and former staff available to testify before Congress about his mishandling of classified documents.” the committee said.

Joe Biden STOLE SCIF-designated classified documents and improperly stored them at the Penn Biden Center.

Biden also stored classified documents in his garage next to his Corvette where his son Hunter had access to the sensitive materials.

Nine boxes of documents were taken from Joe Biden’s lawyer’s Boston office and we have no idea what is in those boxes because the National Archives is covering up for Biden.

Joe Biden also withheld information from the Senate Intel Committee.

Not only will Joe Biden escape criminal charges after he stole classified material from a SCIF and likely used the documents to make money with his son Hunter and brother James, he won’t cooperate with congressional oversight.

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