Sunday 19 November 2023

More Border Chaos in Eagle Pass, Texas as Illegal Aliens with Sick Children Invade US (VIDEO)


There was more chaos at the Border in Eagle Pass, Texas on Saturday morning. Footage posted to X showed illegal aliens pleading for help and complaining that they had been waiting at the border for hours while some of their children were sick.

“We have 40 children with us, and we’ve been here since 11:00 PM last night and a lot of the children are sick,” one of the illegals said, according to a translation from Spanish to English.



A lot of these illegals are becoming more demanding. They know the Biden regime will let them stay in the US if they can just get across the border. Many are holding blankets to protect their hands as they try to displace the razor wire.


This final video shows that they were able to get past the razor wire. This is an invasion and the Biden regime continues to deny it. It is largely ignored in the mainstream media. There are only a handful of responsible reporters who tackle this issue honesty. Thank you to Anna Perez for showing America just how bad the southern border invasion is.


This is one of the largest crises in US history. Americans need to be reminded on a daily basis that their nation is falling apart. Until there is a change in leadership, this will continue indefinitely.

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