Tuesday 10 October 2023

‘Proud Of What Has Occurred’: Scenes From Inside Philadelphia’s Pro-Hamas Rally

 Anti-Israel activists gathered Sunday in Philadelphia in a rally organized by the Philly Palestine Coalition to proclaim their support for the Saturday terrorist attack on Israel, stating that they were “proud” to see Hamas slaughter Israeli civilians.

Around 220 people participated in the so-called “emergency solidarity rally” in Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square where speakers proclaimed, “All of us here, standing today, are proud of what has occurred yesterday.”

According to its organizers, Hamas’ actions were “justified,” because “when people are occupied, resistance is justified.”

This demonstration was, according to a spokesperson for the coalition, “not just about Palestine. It was about all oppressed people.”

One speaker drew a comparison between Hamas’ attacks on Israel and the plight of Black American slaves, claiming, “To get to the point where things had to happen like they happened yesterday, when the colonizers woke up and they felt the same kind of pressure that black people in this country put down on their slave masters when they woke up.”

The rally also had characteristics similar to other liberal protests in recent years, such as anti-police demonstrations carried out by Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Protesters could be seen promoting other activist causes, including one man who attempted to block this reporter’s ability to film the rally wearing a hat with the letters “ACAB,” which stands for “All Cops Are Bastards.”

Event organizers wore masks to cover their faces, and used their hands to prevent those who did not agree with their ideology from filming the rally.

When asked why they were so adamant in preventing video footage of this event from spreading, activists used bicycles to prevent this reporter’s passage through the public park where the rally commenced and remained silent. “I have a First Amendment right to do whatever the f*** I want,” one protester responded.

Signs stating that “Zionism Is Racism” could be seen throughout the event. This widely-used slogan refers to United Nations Resolution 3379 in 1975, in which the General Assembly linked Zionism to racial discrimination. This was overturned in 1991, making it one of only two resolutions ever revoked by the U.N.

Activists also chanted that Palestinians should control the land “from the river to the sea,” a phrase used to call for the destruction of Israel. Activists held signs telling the Jewish people that their “time is up.”

Referred to as “freedom fighters” by individuals present at Sunday’s protest, Hamas is an Islamist terrorist militant group that took over the Gaza Strip in 2006. The United States and European Union have designated Hamas a terrorist organization.

Hamas took several hostages back into the Gaza Strip, including American citizens, according to Israel’s ambassador to the U.S. On Monday, the terrorist group said it will start executing them in front of cameras.

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