Tuesday 10 October 2023

Israeli Military Says It Has ‘Neutralized’ Terrorists Who Crossed In From Lebanon Amidst Hamas Attacks

 The Israeli military said on Monday that it had “neutralized a number of terrorist infiltrators” who had crossed from Lebanon into Israel amidst attacks from Hamas, a Palestinian Islamic terrorist organization.

The attacks from Hamas have led to the deaths of more than 700 Israelis and left at least 2,500 others injured over the past several days. Most of the attacks have come in the south of Israel, but Lebanon-based Hezbollah also launched strikes against Israel over the weekend.

“We are defending our country and stand ready on all borders,” Israel Defense Forces posted on social media on Monday.

The remarks come after the IDF said it had reports of suspected terrorists entering Israel from Lebanon. 

“A report was received regarding the infiltration of a number of suspects into Israeli territory from Lebanese territory. IDF soldiers are deployed in the area,” the military said, according to Reuters. The crossing was reportedly near Adamit, a city in northern Israel near the border with Lebanon. 

At least 150 Israelis are still reportedly being held hostage as Israel has declared a “state of war” after the surprise attacks.

“Hamas made a grave mistake this morning and started a war against the State of Israel,” said Defense Minister Yoav Gallant on Saturday. “IDF soldiers are fighting the enemy at all the infiltration sites. The State of Israel will win this war.”


The IDF has struck hundreds of targets inside of Gaza, from which the Palestinians launched thousands of rockets at Israel and later stormed the border.

“Terror infrastructure in the residence of Farah Hamed, a senior operative belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization, was targeted,” the IDF said. “The site was located adjacent to a mosque and three schools, which demonstrates that the Hamas terrorist organization takes advantage of holy sites and civilians to advance terror operations.”

The IDF said that it had targeted terrorist tunnels, Hamas facilities, vehicles carrying terrorists, and terrorists involved in operations on the ground.

At least nine Americans were killed in the Hamas attacks, which were reportedly supported, in part, by Iran. 

“We extend our deepest condolences to the victims and to the families of all those affected, and wish those injured a speedy recovery,” a statement from the White House Security Council said. “We continue to monitor the situation closely and remain in touch with our Israeli partners, particularly the local authorities.”

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