Thursday 6 July 2023

White House Shuts Down Multiple Questions Related To Cocaine Incident

 White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre shut down multiple questions during Wednesday’s press briefing related to the cocaine that was found inside the White House at the start of the week.

Jean-Pierre refused to disclose where in the West Wing the cocaine was found or what entrance was closest to where the cocaine was found.

She said that the Secret Service needs “space” to be able to conduct its investigation into how the illicit drug made its way into the White House.

“As you know, the president and the first lady and their family were not here this weekend, as you all reported on this and as you also know that they left on Friday and returned just yesterday,” she said. “Where this was discovered is a heavily-traveled area where many White House  West Wing, I should be even more specific, West Wing visitors come through this particular area, I just don’t have anything more to share.”

Fox News White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich asked Jean-Pierre: “How determined is the president to get to the bottom of who brought illegal drugs to the White House?”

“The Secret Service is getting to the bottom of it and that’s what matters, and it’s under their purview,” the press secretary responded.

“But the question was how determined is the president,” Heinrich pushed back.


“The president thinks it’s very important to get to the bottom of this,” Jean-Pierre replied. “That’s why the Secret Service, which is under their purview, is looking into this. And they’re going to look into what happened this weekend. So the president thinks this is incredibly important to get to the bottom of this.”

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