Wednesday 31 May 2023

Man Who Avoided Jail Time Thanks to Gascon After Stabbing Construction Worker, Arrested For Murdering His Neighbor


Stefan Sutherland

A Los Angeles man who avoided jail time after stabbing a construction worker in the neck in November 2020, was arrested last week for murdering his upstairs neighbor.

LAPD arrested Stefen Sutherland, 31, and charged with assault with a deadly weapon for stabbing a construction worker for making too much noise.

A probation department recommended prison time for Sutherland, however, Marxist, Soros-backed LA District Attorney George Gascon agreed to give him “mental health diversion” instead.

Two-and-a-half years later Sutherland was charged with murdering his upstairs neighbor.


Sutherland shot his neighbor Jennifer Gomez 19 times last week after the two reportedly argued over noise complaints.

An innocent woman is dead thanks to George Gascon.

Los Angeles DA George Gascon

Fox News reported:

A Los Angeles man who received no jail time and mental health diversion for a 2021 stabbing that nearly killed a construction worker is now charged with the murder of his neighbor.

Stefen Sutherland, 31, was charged with assault with a deadly weapon in November 2020 after slashing a construction worker’s neck because he was making noise, according to law enforcement sources.

A Los Angeles probation official warned that there was a risk of further violence and asked a judge to put him in prison. But District Attorney George Gascon’s office sought mental health diversion instead for the crime, which critics say was under-charged to begin with as an assault rather than attempted murder.

On May 23, Sutherland allegedly shot Jennifer Gomez 19 times in her home. The two had previously clashed over noise complaints, according to sources close to the investigation.

Gascon’s office defended letting Sutherland go after he nearly fatally stabbed the construction worker!

“The defendant in this case met the specific eligibility criteria for mental health diversion,” a spokesman for Gascon said in a statement to Fox News. “A court-appointed psychologist deemed him suitable for the treatment program, and our deputy district attorney agreed to the defense request for mental health diversion.

“The court approved the treatment plan and deemed the defendant safe for community treatment. The defendant participated for nearly two years in [the] treatment program without issue. We are saddened by the most recent allegations, and our hearts go out to the victim and those who loved them.”

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