Wednesday 31 May 2023

Far-Left Singer Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen is Given Brutal New Nickname After He Falls During Concert (VIDEO)




Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen did not exactly live up to his nickname in Amsterdam this week and Twitter has found a fitting replacement.

Springsteen was in the city Sunday night as part of his 2023 global tour with the E Street Band. No doubt the audience was expecting “The Boss” to put on an epic show.

But Springsteen ended up humiliating himself before the show began. This video captured Springsteen walking up the stage stairs before suddenly slipping and falling flat on his face. He stays down for a few seconds before his band members arrive to lift him up.


Tripping over the stairs is not exactly a boss move to say the least.

Springsteen’s embarrassment was not yet complete, however. Twitter christened “The Boss” with a brutal new nickname as the video went viral.

Many more users responded by echoing the “Bruce Biden” nickname.

The nickname is perfectly apt indeed. In addition to having similar balance issues, Springsteen also happens to be a huge fan of Biden.

Here he is performing at one of Biden’s Inauguration events :

Springsteen still has a long way to go to catch his hero, however. Recall Biden has lost four rounds already with the stairs into his reign, including three this year alone.

Here is a quick recap:

Number Four:

Number three:

Number Two:

And last but not least, Biden’s most epic battle back in 2021:

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