Thursday 2 February 2023

After Lifting COVID Vaccine Mandate – Radical West Point Leadership Imposes Travel Restrictions on Unvaxxed


The gangsters running West Point are doing all they can to punish the remaining cadets who stood up for their rights against their superiors unconstitutional vaccine mandates.  They just won’t stop.

Steve Bannon’s daughter, Maureen Bannon, shared the following on GETTR:

When the COVID-19 “vaccine” mandate was lifted weeks ago, I said that Senior Leaders would find a way to still punish those that made the decision not to get vaccinated. Looks like the Senior Leaders at my Alma Mater didn’t waste any time. Senior Leaders at West Point have nothing left to coerce the unvaccinated cadets into compliance, so they are imposing travel restrictions for them again. This is absolutely disgusting!

The Gateway Pundit reported on three cadets who resigned from West Point after months of abuse from the leadership there – all because they didn’t want to take the COVID vaccine. 

Recently, West Point lifted its mandate for all cadets to take the vaccine.  But this didn’t stop the leadership there from punishing those who refused to take the experimental vaccine.

Unvaccinated cadets at the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, New York, are facing travel restrictions again, despite the military lifting its COVID-19 vaccine mandate earlier this month, according to reports.

Military attorney R. Davis Younts told Just the News on Jan. 30 that reimposing the restrictions despite the mandate being dropped by the Department of Defense “feels like coercion” to push cadets into getting the shots, which has been prompted by the Biden administration.

The lawyer questioned the justification behind the policy but acknowledged that West Point ultimately has the authority to make such a change.

“Is there suddenly a crazy spike in COVID deaths in West Point, New York,” or is it because there isn’t “anything left to coerce [the cadets] into compliance?” the attorney told the publication.

The US military needs leadership that is not woke and doesn’t force woke policies on the cadets at West Point. 

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