Saturday 7 January 2023

“You’re Finished” Mike Rogers Threatens Matt Gaetz After Lunging at Him on House Floor


GOP Rep. Kevin McCarthy (CA) was voted in as Speaker of the 118th United States Congress early Saturday morning on the 15th vote.

McCarthy was able to flip over a dozen GOP rebels in the 12th and 13th vote, however, there were still a few holdouts going into the final round.

GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz voted “present” in the 14th round and all hell broke loose.

Rep. Mike Rogers lunged at Matt Gaetz after the Florida lawmaker blocked McCarthy in the 14th round. 

GOP Rep. Richard Hudson physically restrained Rogers.

Mike Rogers, who chairs the Armed Services Committee, threatened Gaetz.

“You’re finished,” Mike Rogers allegedly said to Gaetz who serves on the Armed Services Committee chaired by Rogers.

“After McCarthy walked away from Gaetz, looking dejected, Armed Services Chairman Mike Rogers moved toward the conversation and lunged at Gaetz, having to be physically restrained by Republican Rep. Richard Hudson of North Carolina. Rogers, a Republican from Alabama who earlier in the week warned the GOP dissidents they would lose their committee assignments, told Gaetz he would be “finished” for continuing to wreck the speaker’s vote.” CNN reported.

According to Fox News, Rogers also yelled, “I won’t forget this!”

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