Saturday 7 January 2023

Virginia Tech Soccer Player Benched For Refusing to Follow Coach’s Woke Orders Reaches $100,000 Settlement


Kiersten Hening – Virginia Tech

 December ruling allowing former Virginia Tech women’s soccer player Kiersten Hening to move forward with her lawsuit against her former Virginia Tech soccer coach Charles “Chugger” Aidair.

Hening alleged Aidair benched her after she refused to kneel during the national anthem at games.

Friday, Hening reached a settlement and, according to The Roanoke Times, will receive $100,000.

A former Virginia Tech soccer player who accused her coach of benching her for expressing political views at a game will receive $100,000 from a settlement of her lawsuit.

The money will go to Kiersten Hening as part of an agreement to dismiss a federal lawsuit in which she claimed she was punished for exercising her First Amendment rights, according to her attorney, Cameron Norris of Arlington.

Norris said the terms of the settlement included no admission of wrongdoing by either his client or Charles “Chugger” Adair, head coach of the women’s soccer team.

Hening had claimed that she lost her starting position after Adair became angry when she refused to kneel during a unity ceremony at the beginning of a 2020 game. The event was held, in part, to show support for the Black Lives Matter movement, after the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers sparked a national outcry.

Woke Coach Chugger tried twist his defeat saying on Twitter, “I am pleased the case against me has been closed and I am free to move forward clear of any wrongdoing. It’s unfortunate, but this ordeal was about a disappointment and disagreement about playing time. Today, we have clarity that this case lacked any standing, and without evidence, the truth has prevailed.”

Adam Mortara, an attorney representing Hening, demolished Chugger’s alternate reality tweeting, “If by clarity you mean you are paying my client six figures in a settlement then you’re right that’s pretty clear. Honestly, Coach, read the Court’s opinion. You are paying. Defendants don’t pay in cases that have no standing.”

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