Saturday 28 January 2023

“This is Bad for America. This is Bad for the World. We are about to Enter Potentially World War III” – General Flynn on Biden’s Disaster in Ukraine


General Mike Flynn discussed the end of the Vietnam War 50 years ago and the current situation in Ukraine on the War Room on Friday.

Steve Bannon was joined by General Michael Flynn on Friday and they discussed the end of the Vietnam War 50 years ago and the current situation in Ukraine.

General Flynn started by honoring American veterans for their service in all wars and especially all these heroes from the Vietnam War. He shared:

We just got out of Afghanistan and there are killing fields going on in Afghanistan today.  And we, most Americans don’t know, that we’re still sending tax payer dollars now to the Taliban to help them.  So it’s just insane. 

He then discussed the current situation in Ukraine.

We are about to enter a war and I still haven’t heard this administration talk about any vital national security objectives.  I don’t know what our objectives are…

We are going to creep into this war like we crept into other wars like Vietnam, like Afghanistan, like Iraq and this going to be turned into an absolute disaster.

General Flynn said that we can’t put the arms in Ukraine that we are putting there, without boots on the ground.  The administration spent $110 billion on Ukraine which is about $200 million per Congressional District.

That kind of money could be flowing into this country instead of Ukraine into somebody’s pocket.  This is bad for America.  This is bad for the world.  We are about to enter potentially World War III and the talk of nuclear weapons is absolutely outrageous.

It is definitely on the table because we’re hearing it from both sides.

Bannon then asked General Flynn if we were sleepwalking into WWIII.

Tom Cotton, like many of the Senators who are pushing for this thing,  and on the Republican side.  They have forgotten what we just did in Afghanistan which was a complete and utter disaster.  The surrendered to the Taliban and left our own behind enemy lines to fend for themselves…We are being led into WWIII.

See the interview below:

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