Sunday 29 January 2023

Maryland Man Charged For Threatening To Kill Senator Ted Cruz


A Maryland man named Justin Kuchta has pleaded guilty to threatening to kill Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

The details of his threats, which you can read below, make Kuchta sound like a complete lunatic.

What is it about politics that drives some people on the left into such an insane rage?

It’s amazing that CNN reported this: 

Maryland man who threatened to kill Sen. Ted Cruz pleads guilty

A Maryland man pleaded guilty Thursday to threatening to murder a member of Congress, the Department of Justice announced in a news release.

Justin Kuchta, 39, sent a message in July threatening to kill a Texas member of Congress through an event invitation website, according to his plea agreement. Though the member is not identified in court records, CNN has previously reported that the threat was aimed at Republican Sen. Ted Cruz.

CNN has reached out to Cruz’s office for comment.

“I’m coming to murder all of you Satanist f**kers!!!” Kutcha wrote in response to an online event invitation, according to court documents. “Especially the chuckle-f**k Zodiak [sic] Killer!! That fat fake f**ker ass will be the first on the gallows!!” Kutcha sent a similar message to Cruz’s office days later, prosecutors said.

Kutcha pleaded guilty to interstate communication containing a threat to injure and faces up to five years in federal prison when he is sentenced in April, the DOJ said.

He sounds like someone who needs serious help.

According to this reporter, Kuchta was working for the Maryland Office of the Comptroller:

Ever since the shooting of Steve Scalise, members of Congress must be taking threats very seriously.

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