Friday 30 December 2022

“Scientific” American: Telling Black Women to Lose Weight is Racist


At first glance, one could look at this headline and conclude it must be parody. But no, a leading so-called “science” magazine actually would rather black females drop dead than tell them to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Scientific American on Tuesday tweeted out an article they wrote in June 2020 titled “The Racist Roots of Fighting Obesity.” The entire piece gives readers a foreboding look into the future of science.

The article begins by acknowledging a serious public health crisis: four out of five black women are either overweight or obese. But it quickly moves on to complaining about the allegedly sexist and racist roots of black female obesity

“In the eyes of many medical practitioners in the late 19th century, Black women were destined to die off along with the men of their race because of their presumed inability to control their “animal appetites”—eating, drinking, and fornicating. These presumptions were not backed by scientific data but instead embodied the prevailing racial scientific logic at the time.”

“Later, some doctors wanted to push Black men to reform their aesthetic preferences. Valorizing voluptuousness in Black women, these physicians claimed, validated their unhealthy diets, behaviors, and figures.”

But surely America has relegated these ignorant attitudes and hypotheses into the dustbin of history. We now possess the necessary knowledge and technology to help black women adopt a healthy lifestyle and save lives.

Basic science says the key is a diet which avoids high-calorie foods and promotes regular exercise. Right?

Wrong, says the so-called science magazine.

“Today the idea that weight is the main problem dogging Black women builds on these historically racist ideas and ignores how interrelated social factors impact Black women’s health. It also perpetuates a misinformed and damaging message about weight and health. Indeed, social determinants have been shown to be more consequential to health than BMI or health behaviors.”

Doctors often tell fat people that dietary control leading to weight loss is the solution to their health problems. But many studies show that the stigma associated with body weight, rather than the body weight itself, is responsible for some adverse health consequences blamed on obesity, including increased mortality risk. Regardless of income, Black women consistently experience weightism in addition to sexism and racism. From workplace discrimination and poor service at restaurants to rude or objectifying commentary online, the stress of these life experiences contributes to higher rates of chronic mental and physical illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, depression, and anxiety.”

So obesity is not the problem but rather racism and body-shaming? There is incontrovertible proof that obesity kills more people worldwide than car crashes, terror attacks, and Alzheimer’s combined. Obesity also is not only linked to the chronic mental and physical illnesses mentioned in the article but several types of cancer as well.

By not telling black women the truth and focusing on the obvious problem, Scientific American wants to condemn them all to early deaths. Seems a bit racist, no?

In fact, a cunning white supremacist could have written this same Scientific American article using woke language to trick readers. After all, they want fewer blacks in America, especially women.

This comedy video released two years ago reveals the stunning similarities between the woke left and white nationalists. Seems even more apt today.

The Scientific American piece also serves as another accelerant in the war the left has waged on science, especially in the last two years. There is no greater example of this than what happened during COVID.

So-called experts during the height of the pandemic told Americans keeping businesses and schools open would get people killed and they must shut down. Thousands if not millions of lives will be saved, they said.

As we all know, the lockdowns did not actually save lives but rather destroyed them. Millions of adult Americans lost their livelihoods thanks to the authoritarian shutdowns. Children in blue states across the country lost valuable years in brain development and suicides skyrocketed.

At the same time, however, Black Lives Matter protests were absolutely essential because experts said racist words were a bigger public health threat than a virus. They implied that COVID does not spread during left-wing protests, particularly over a dead black man. The virus is just that woke and smart.

The experts lied then and they are continuing to lie now. Wokeness and feelings predominate over truth and real science even though people are getting killed as a result.

We must reclaim the truth and remove these so-called scientists and their enablers starting now. Lives are on the line.

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