Saturday 31 December 2022

Democrat Rep. Katie Porter Used Racial Slurs and Ridiculed Staffers For Reporting Sexual Harassment: Ex-Staffer


Democrat Rep. Katie Porter (CA) used racist language and verbally abused staffers, according to a former aide.

Rep. Porter, who barely won her reelection against Republican Scott Baugh, came under fire this week after leaked text messages revealed she fired one of her staffers for supposedly giving her Covid.

The portly lawmaker got Covid in July and lashed out at her staffer, Sasha Georgiades, in private text messages.

Sasha Georgiades worked for Porter for two years as a Veteran and Service Member Liaison. 

Before going to work in Porter’s California office in 2020, Sasha served as a member of the U.S. Navy, earning a Letter of Commendation in the process.

Texts released Thursday show Porter bullying Sasha Georgiades and blaming her for getting Covid.

There’s more…

Katie Porter used racist language and routinely abuses her staffers.

Is anyone surprised by this?

Fox News reported:

An ex-staffer for Democrat Rep. Katie Porter of California alleged that the congresswoman made rude and racist comments to staff and said that she “ridiculed people for reporting sexual harassment.”

Sasha Georgiades, a Navy veteran and former Wounded Warrior fellow for Porter, also alleged that she heard the progressive congresswoman use racial slurs when talking to staff. Porter is currently facing scrutiny after leaked text messages showed her berating Georgiades for catching the coronavirus.

Georgiades also said that Porter ridiculed people after they had reported sexual harassment in her office as well as “made fun of individuals whose parents passed away from COVID.”

“Basically told the individual to grow up,” Georgiades said regarding the case of a staffer who had reported sexual harassment in Porter’s office.

Georgiades noted that the staffer, who worked with her during her two-year period in Porter’s office, left the office shortly “after the sexual harassment conversation” with the congresswoman.

She also noted the individual “hasn’t filed anything with ethics committee but spoke about it with [Porter] personally, and that was her response.”

Where is the Orange County GOP??

Why isn’t the Orange County GOP working harder to boot Katie Porter from California’s 45th district?

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