Friday 2 December 2022

CNN Reportedly Punked By Troll Pretending to Be a Republican

 CNN loves a good fake news story. They spent years pushing the Russia conspiracy hoax on a near daily basis.

And now the champion pushers of fake news seems to have been fooled again.

It what was presented as a serious segment on “CNN Newsroom,” a man named Jacob Byrd was interviewed.  Byrd claimed to be a Herschel Walker supporter who pledged to continue to support Walker “despite the scandals that have plagued his campaign.”

His remarks were purposely dim-witted to adhere to the CNN embraced caricature of a Republican.

CNN was actually being trolled by Tony Barbieri, a comedian who routinely mocks Republicans and has worked with Jimmy Kimmel. 

Newsmax reports:

CNN reportedly has been caught using a liberal comedian propagandist in a report on Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker.

An alleged Walker supporter was interviewed by CNN in a report that was not a parody — or so the network thought — Mediaite reported Thursday.

The so-called supporter was actually a comedian who had been trolling Republicans for “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” for years, according to the report.

A “CNN Newsroom” interviewer talked to “someone who is standing by Walker despite the scandals that have plagued his campaign.” That someone was Jacob Byrd, the character played by comedian Tony Barbieri for Kimmel.

Byrd gave a perfunctory response on why he supposedly backs Walker.

“I just think how he talks and, like, the stories he tells, and you know,” said Byrd, as his name credit read on the chyron, while he was wearing a shirt that read “I’m with Her-Schel,” a nob to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign slogan. “He’s off the cuff.

“He’s not all serious about everything. Everything is not a big deal to him, you know? Is he the best candidate for the job? Maybe not. Is he the most qualified guy in the world? I dunno, maybe not, but does he have a great attitude? Yes!”

The researchers at CNN wanted to spotlight a foolish looking Walker supporter so badly, they apparently did not do much research.  A quick internet search reveals a articled entitled “Tony Barbieri aka Jake Byrd: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know.”

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