Friday 2 December 2022

Biden Bungles Toast at State Dinner with French President Emmanuel Macron (VIDEO)


Dr. Jill and Joe hosted French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte Macron at a lavish state dinner Thursday night.

More than 300 guests, including far-left, America-hating celebrities, joined the Bidens and the Macrons at the state dinner.

Biden’s crackhead son Hunter and sister, Valerie Biden Owens (pictured below in an ill-fitting dress) attended the dinner. 

Another Biden grifter wearing a trash bag as a dress.

Valerie Biden Owens

Joe Biden bungled the toast at the state dinner with Macron.

“Frank hosted the first diplomatic post before more than anything else France has been our first friend,” Biden said.


Thursday morning Joe Biden botched the name of a French General while he welcomed the Macrons to the White House.

Biden called the revolutionary war French General Marquis de Lafayette “Marcus de Lafayette.”

“France is our oldest ally. Our unwavering partner…from the spirit of Marcus de Lafayette…” Biden said.

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