Friday 11 November 2022

Two More Oregon Counties Just Voted To Become Part Of The State Of Idaho


Two more counties in Oregon just voted to join the state of Idaho. Several other counties have already done this in recent years.

The reasons are pretty simple. These Oregonians are tired of being associated with the radical left that rules the city of Portland and drives policy for the rest of the state.

They feel that Idaho, a far more conservative state, much better represents their beliefs.

The New York Post reports: 

Two more Oregon counties vote to become part of Idaho: ‘It’s all about values’

Fed up with their liberal lawmakers, a group of Republican voters in Eastern and Central Oregon just inched one step closer Tuesday to breaking ranks with their state to become part of Idaho.

Voters in two Oregon counties, Morrow and Wheeler, voted in a ballot measure to explore ways to leave the state, joining nine other counties in Eastern Oregon that are already part of the Greater Idaho movement, which began in 2020.

“Every win has been heart wrenching because we wanted to know what citizens truly wanted,” said Mike McCarter, one of the founders of the Greater Idaho movement Thursday. “We don’t want to impose anything, but this does send a message to the state legislature that they have to take care of us.”

Members of the movement say they do not feel represented by mostly liberal lawmakers in Oregon’s capital, Salem, and progressive urban residents in western cities such as Portland, Bend and Eugene.

This is not going to happen any time soon, but it’s important for these people to make their voices heard.

Don’t be surprised if similar movements begin to pop up in other states.

People have had it with far left politics in big cities.

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