Friday 11 November 2022

‘Do You Love Your Children More Than You Love Fossil Fuels?’ Unhinged Climate Activist Melts Down In Live Interview

We covered numerous examples of the unhinged behavior of members of the climate activist group Just Stop Oil.

They have vandalized historic artworks.  They have blocked traffic causing injuries to police, delaying a man trying to get his wife to the hospital and forcing a grieving son to miss his father’s funeral.

The activists act tough, but when forced to explain and defend their atrocious behavior, they devolve into emotional messes.

In a recent interview with Sky News broadcaster Mark Austin questioned protester Indigo Rumbelow about the organization’s disruptive tactics.

Austin asks, “What do you think you are achieving with these disruptive and also dangerous protests.”b

Rumbelow avoided answering the question and instead gave a monotone list of talking points and demands.

When pushed by Austin, Rumbelow, rather than providing a cohesive argument, began shouting at Austin, “Do you love your children more than you love fossil fuels?”

The Daily Mail reports:

Just Stop Oil activist was begged to ‘stop shouting’ by Sky News veteran Mark Austin when her live TV interview descended into a cacophony of noise last night.

The 64-year-old broadcaster – who is one of the news world’s most recognisable faces – became exasperated when protester Indigo Rumbelow kept talking over him and then asked if he loved fossil fuels more than his own children.

Just Stop Oil halted protests on the M25 today after four days of chaos on Britain’s busiest motorway caused misery for thousands of motorists. People lost work, missed funerals, cancer check-ups and even the birth of their children. On one occasion a police outrider was knocked off his bike and two lorries crashed when a protester climbed a gantry in Essex.

Suella Braverman has called for a crackdown on disruptive eco-activists – but Chief Constable Chris Noble, who leads the National Police Chiefs Council on the issue, rejected the Home Secretary’s demands for officers to take a ‘firmer line’.

Met Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley insisted: ‘We’re going as quickly as we can’ – but one damning photo yesterday showed 17 of his officers standing and watching as one protester stood on a gantry above a closed M25.

Miss Rumbelow, 28, who is from the Gower, Wales, has been arrested at least six times while protesting. Last night she was invited on to Sky News to defend Just Stop Oil’s actions in disrupting members of the public. Asked by presenter Mr Austin about their ‘illegal’ measures, the arts co-ordinator turned activist became increasingly irate.

She screamed: ‘Do you love your children more than you love fossil fuels? We are asking you to side with young people who are asking our government very politely in line with the UN saying that we need to cut out fossil fuels.’

It prompted a patient Austin, who has three children Beatrice, Jack and Maddy, to tell her ‘stop shouting at me Indigo’.

Watch the full interview below.

The Daily Mail has also reported on Rumbelow’s  hypocrisy. According to the outlet.

Rumbelow was brought up at stunning £600,000 farmhouse with 35 acres of land close to the Gower peninsula in south Wales – one of Britain’s most beloved beauty spots. After leaving university, she worked in TV and movies as an art department runner on several productions including the 2020 movie Misbehaviour, starring Keira Knightley.

But before dedicating herself to eco-protests  – which has seen her arrested at least six times – the arts co-ordinator turned activist appears to have loved travelling.

Holiday snaps from her Facebook and Instagram accounts suggest that she went on 9,000-mile round trips to Nepal on more than one occasion. Seven years ago she shared an image from a plane window on her way to Asia, calling it: ‘Cloudland’.

In 2019 she told the Guardian while living at an ‘eco-squat’ to stop Heathrow’s third runway, she went to her ‘first mass action’ in 2017 to protest against coal mining in Germany’s Rhineland. But in 2018 she shared an idyllic mountain scene entitled: ‘Nepal’.

One critic branded her a ‘hypocrite protester’ while another said of her trip to Asia: ‘I assume she walked there? I really hope she didn’t fly! Unless on a magic carpet of course’.


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