Monday 7 November 2022

Stacey Abrams Says Her Poll Numbers Are Low Because Black Men Can’t See Through Misinformation

 Georgia gubernatorial hopeful Stacey Abrams (D) claimed over the weekend that her poll numbers were lagging in part because black men were unable to see through the “misinformation” that was being used to target them.

According to the latest polls at RealClearPolitics, Abrams trails incumbent Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R) by anywhere from 6 points into double digits — and she laid out her explanation for those numbers during a recent appearance on MSNBC.


Abrams began by saying that she did not believe the polls — which have so far suggested her support among black male voters has dropped off since her last attempt at the Georgia governor’s mansion — meant that there was any real enthusiasm for Kemp.

“I do not believe it’s because of a deep well of enthusiasm for my opponent,” Abrams said, pivoting immediately to make the argument about race and suggesting that black men, specifically, had been targeted and fallen victim to “misinformation” — although she did not clarify what exactly they were being misinformed about.

“We know that black voters are often discounted, and unfortunately, this year, black men have been a very targeted population for misinformation. Not misinformation about what they want, but about why they want what they deserve,” she said. “And my campaign has been the only one that has very intentionally, thoughtfully, and consistently reached out.”

News Nation’s Zaid Jilani noted that if current poll trends turn out to be accurate, Abrams will have slipped from earning 94% of the black vote in 2018 to garnering 82% of the black vote just four years later.

Jilani went on to suggest that, rather than misinformation, perhaps it was Kemp’s focus on jobs that accounted for the swing in support.

“I think there’s a pretty simple reason Kemp might be doing better with black men than he did in 2018,” Jilani tweeted. “A few days ago he was at the groundbreaking of a Hyundai electric vehicle plant outside Savannah, the largest economic development in GA history. It’s jobs.”

Kemp announced the project — which will create over 8,000 new jobs and see Hyundai investing more than $5.5 billion in Georgia’s economy — last May. “My commitment to hardworking Georgians to make our state the best place to live, work, and raise our families remains steadfast, and with this announcement, which is now the largest economic development project in our state’s history, we will continue working to make Georgia the premier destination for quality companies who are creating the jobs of today, tomorrow, and beyond,” he said at the time.

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