Monday 7 November 2022

Chris Pratt Makes Political Endorsement While Taking Shot At Democrats: ‘He Knows How To Get S**t Done’

 Actor Chris Pratt made an endorsement on Sunday in a local race that takes place during this week’s midterm elections.

Pratt, 43, endorsed candidate Rick Caruso (D), a former Republican, in his race against communist sympathizer Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA).

“I’ve lived in LA for over 20 years. It’s been great to me,” Pratt wrote on Instagram. “In that time I’ve seen what many residents here have seen, the city’s gradual decline into pain and utter disarray. If you live here, you know exactly what I’m talking about.”

“I don’t normally support political candidates. But in this election, there’s too much to lose,” Pratt continued. “If you’re an LA voter, I urge you to vote for @rickcarusola. He’s a builder. He knows how to get s**t done. He’s the guy for our city. Rick Caruso for LA Mayor.”

Bass is considered the front runner in the race but the polls have tightened significantly in recent days as Caruso has seen a boost in support from Latinos, The Los Angeles Times reported.

“If you are a Karen Bass person, you are anxious the race has gotten so close, but also grateful that you’re standing and still ahead after Caruso has thrown his biggest punches,” said Paul Mitchell, a political data expert, told the newspaper. “If you’re a Caruso person, you are still hopeful because you have this one last weapon in your back pocket: a $13-million field campaign program that is unprecedented.”

Elon Musk endorsed Caruso over the summer, saying that residents of the city were lucky to have him as a candidate.

“Los Angeles is fortunate to have someone like Rick Caruso running for mayor. He’s awesome,” Musk tweeted. “My political leanings are moderate, so neither fully Republican nor Democrat, which I am confident is the case for most Americans. Executive competence is super underrated in politics — we should care about that a lot more!”

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