Wednesday 23 November 2022

First Openly Trans New Hampshire Lawmaker Who Made Earlier Bomb Threats Is Arrested for Stalking Woman

 New Hampshire’s first transgender lawmaker was charged in 2015 after calling in a bomb threat to a Vermont hospital.

Stacie Laughton
Stacie Laughton was the first transgender lawmaker elected in New Hampshire.

Stacie was arrested for calling in a hoax bomb threat to a Vermont hospital.

The Union Leader reported:

Stacie Laughton, the state’s first openly transgender legislator who was elected to the House of Representatives and then withdrew her candidacy days later, said Thursday that she is the person responsible for calling in a hoax bomb threat at a local hospital. 

After spending two weeks receiving treatment at a Vermont hospital for bipolar disorder, Laughton walked into the Nashua Police Department at noon on Thursday and turned herself in on a warrant for the Feb. 27 incident

Laughton stepped down from her elected office after it was discovered she was a convicted felon.

Stacie was back in the news again this week.  The trans politician was stalking a woman.

The Blaze reported:

Stacie Laughton, the first openly transgender representative in New Hampshire, was arrested for violating a protective order that had been filed against Laughton.

The 38-year-old, who was born Barry Charles Laughton Jr., was arrested on November 12 for violating the protective order by allegedly trying to contact the victim, an unidentified woman, through social media.

The Hudson Police Department said that Laughton had also been arrested in September for violating the same order by attempting to contact the victim in August. Laughton had been arrested and then released shortly after.

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