Wednesday 23 November 2022

Anonymous tip line exposes 'hundreds of instances' of 'left-wing social engineering' in military training, says Senator Tom Cotton

 An anonymous tip line exposed "left-wing social engineering" in the Biden administration's military training, said Republican Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas on Tuesday.

Cotton reacted to a report released Monday from Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R) and Texas Representative Chip Roy (R) that uncovered instances of woke agendas being pushed in military training.

The Arkansas senator said on "America's Newsroom" Tuesday that he partly attributed the military's low recruitment numbers to the extreme ideology detailed in the report.

"We established our own anonymous tip line last year and we were flooded with hundreds of instances of inappropriate training sessions or other kinds of commentary or misplaced priorities in our military," Cotton stated.

The 18-page report from Rubio and Roy, called "Woke Warfighters," argued that critical race theory, sex reassignment surgeries, and the promotion of LGBTQ+ individuality within the military are weakening America's fighters.

The report exampled an instance where an admiral at the Naval Academy allegedly told midshipmen to read "How to Be an Antiracist" by Ibram X. Kendi. Another instance mentioned in the report involved a professor at the Air Force Academy who wanted to teach students that "racism was ingrained in the system from the beginning" of America's founding. The report also stated that cadets at West Point were asked to "address whiteness" in order to understand "racial inequality and slavery." 

"Our military's singular purpose is to 'provide for the common defense' of our nation," the report said. "It cannot be turned into a left-wing social experiment. It cannot be used as a cudgel against America itself. And it cannot be paralyzed by fear of offending the sensibilities of Ivy League faculty lounges or progressive pundits."

Cotton echoed a similar sentiment and noted that he has repeatedly raised concerns about diversity and equity idealogy to military and Pentagon leaders.

"A lot of these progressives seem to worry more about training social justice warriors than actual warriors trained to kill, or whether our drill sergeants are teaching soldiers the right pronouns as opposed to teaching them small unit combat tactics," Cotton added.

Cotton stated that the inappropriate training could put service members and the country in danger.

"They join the army to learn how to kill the bad guys. They don't join the army to learn how to speak like they're in a faculty lounge," said Cotton.

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