Friday 8 July 2022

“We Are Not Slaves, We Are Farmers!” – Polish and Italian Farmers RISE UP Against Government Elites Destroying Their Family Businesses


Farmer protests continued in The Netherlands on Thursday. And now the movement is spreading.

Farmer protests were launched in Italy and Poland on Thursday.

Farmers in The Netherlands blocked supermarket distribution hubs on Monday, July 4th.

The farmers are outraged over new government regulations that force them to reduce their nitrogen fertilizer compounds and limit their number of livestock. The farmers argue that these policies will bankrupt their family business.

Reuters reported:

Reductions are necessary in emissions of nitrogen oxides from farm animal manure and from the use of ammonia in fertilizer, the government says, estimating a 30% reduction in the number of livestock is needed.

High-intensity farming of cows, pigs and other animals has made the Netherlands Europe’s leading emitter of the substances. Construction and traffic also contribute.

Dutch and European courts have ordered the Dutch government to address the problem. Farmers say they have been unfairly singled out and have criticised the government’s approach.

Traffic jams were reported on the highways.

In the Netherlands, the supermarkets are starting to run out of food on their shelves.

Farmers in Poland are now rising up against the elites.

Italian farmers are also rising up in protest against the stifling regulations against their livelihood.

Mass protests of farmers in Poland.

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