Sunday 2 January 2022

Weird MSNBC Host Nicolle Wallace Talked About Trump 2.5x More Than Biden in 2021


Donald Trump was discussed 2.5 times more often than Joe Biden on MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House” in 2021.

The COVID cultist host, Nicolle Wallace, has finally moved on from her obsession to Russiagate — but is now obsessed with the Capitol protest instead.

Fox News reports “a Grabien transcript search found the word ‘Trump’ was uttered on the show 11,668 times from Jan. 20, when Biden succeeded Trump, to Dec. 30. As for Biden, his name was mentioned just 4,710 times, nearly 2.5 times less often on Wallace’s program, which airs weekdays from 4-6 p.m. ET and features a mixture of reporters and left-leaning pundits.”

“The word ‘insurrection’ was said on ‘Deadline: White House’ 2,260 times, an average of nine times per show, according to Grabien, while ‘January 6th’ was mentioned 2,852 times, including more than 800 times in November and December combined,” the report continued. “In all but five weeks this year, Wallace’s show led off at least one program with references to or direct news about the Jan. 6 attack. Only major news stories like the Derek Chauvin murder trial, the chaotic Afghanistan troop pullout, or significant COVID-19 updates could take Wallace away from her preferred story of the day.”

Wallace apparently also has close ties to the disgraced Project Lincoln, and booked people associated with them on her show at least nine times after the first report of harassment towards young men by John Weaver surfaced.

“Wallace, the former Republican flack-turned-reliable Democratic media sycophant, hosted Lincoln Project co-founders Steve Schmidt and Rick Wilson, as well as Lincoln Project advisers Kurt Bardella and Tara Setmayer, at least nine times on her “Deadline: White House” program between Jan. 11 and Feb. 8,” Fox reports.

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