Sunday 2 January 2022

Keshel and Moseder: Texas Election Audit Phase1 Progress Report Is Released – Shows 700K Ineligible Voter Registrations (VIDEO)


The Texas Phase 1 audit of the 2020 election in a sample of four major counties was released on New Year’s Eve.

The Phase 1 Progress Report was released on Friday in the Full Forensic Audit of the November 2020 General Election.
The report shows 700,000 ineligible voter registrations.

Here is a copy of the Phase 1 report:

Texas Election Phase1 Progress Report – Shows 700K Ineligible Voter Registrations by Jim Hoft on Scribd

On New Year’s Day videographer Nick Moseder interviewed elections expert Seth Keshel on the latest results from the Texas audit.

Seth Keshel explained why this is important and how Democrats use dirty voter rolls to manufacture votes.

Seth Keshel: The media is already out. All the publications are crapping all over this report saying there is no fraud. Well, we just showed you exactly how the fraud would take place. And it’s the same from state to state. They’re dirty voter rolls full of people who cannot vote. Here’s a mail ballot. Here’s an electronic poll book that’s going to allow you to check in remotely and cast a vote to a tabulator. It’s pretty obvious that these numbers line up. And I will have to pat myself on the back. I estimated 675,000 fraudulent Biden votes in the state. Here’s this number with 700,000.

Seth Keshel broke down the numbers on his Telegram page.

Texas Secretary of State’s Phase One Investigation of the 2020 Election Identifies Nearly 700K Ineligible Voter Registrations | Becker News ( and Liberty Overwatch (

Phase one of the Texas Secretary of State’s review ( of the 2020 election in a sample of major counties shows that the status quo for the state’s elections simply cannot be allowed to continue:

• Statewide, a total of 11,737 potential non-U.S. citizens were identified as being registered to vote. Of these, 327 records were identified in Collin County, 1,385 in Dallas County, 3,063 in Harris County, and 708 in Tarrant County.

• Since November 2020, 224,585 deceased voters have been removed from the voter rolls in Texas. Collin County removed 4,889 deceased voters, Dallas County removed 14,926 deceased voters, Harris County removed 23,914 deceased voters, and Tarrant County removed 13,955 deceased voters.

• The review also revealed nearly half a million duplicate registration records: “Overall, the state review process resulted in the identification and removal of 449,362 duplicate voter registrations from the statewide voter registration list.”

Secretary of State John Scott has called his investigation the country’s “most comprehensive forensic audit of the 2020 election.” President Trump disagreed, criticizing the SOS’s probe as “a weak risk-limiting audit” in an October 1 statement (

In total, the SOS’s phase one review found approximately 685K ineligible voter registrations. What a coincidence. A July analysis by Captain Seth Keshel estimated there were 675K excess votes for Biden in Texas:

This is an excellent interview from earlier today.

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