Tuesday 18 January 2022

Pelosi at MLK Day Event: George Washington and Thomas Jefferson Have “Tears in Their Eyes” That the Filibuster is in the Way of Federalizing Elections (VIDEO)


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Monday spoke at the MLK Day Deliver for Voting Rights Press Conference in DC.

“It is my honor also to be here with some of the leadership of the House. The leader of the Congressional Black Caucus made for us – working with Eric Holder and, and John Sarbanes and others and Mr. Clyburn to make sure this legislation, the Freedom to Vote Act, was passed,” Pelosi said.

Pelosi used MLK Day to push the Democrats’ federal takeover of elections.

The HR1 ‘voting rights’ bill is currently stalled in the Senate because 52 Senators (50 Republicans and 2 Democrats) refuse to pass the legislation.

Senate Majority Leader Schumer, with Biden’s blessing, is trying to nuke the filibuster rule to pass HR1.

Pelosi said George Washington and Thomas Jefferson have tears in their eyes because the filibuster is in the way of federalizing elections.

“It’s just the filibuster in the way. So, in a way, if you really, truly want to honor Dr. King, don’t dishonor him by using a Congressional custom as an excuse for protecting our democracy. We have no right to honor this family, to visit the monument,” Pelosi said.

She continued,” Imagine, 30 – someone 36 years old, left this earth in such a way that he has a monument on the Mall along with Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson. All of them with tears in their eyes for the departure from our democracy that is happening right now – unless the truth is acknowledged and this legislation is passed.”



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