Tuesday 18 January 2022

Midwest Hospital System Stops Using Race-Based, Anti-White Covid Treatment Plan After Legal Threat


A Midwest hospital system backed off from its anti-White, race-based Covid treatment plan after a legal threat.

SMS Health, a Catholic hospital system with 23 facilities, stopped its plan to prioritize non-White patients when distributing scarce monoclonal antibody treatments after a Wisconsin law firm threatened legal action.

SMS Health sent an email to its physicians that referenced a risk scoring calculator that automatically gave non-White patients a 7-point advantage out of 20 points total.

This race-based scoring system put Whites at the back of the line and effectively refused Whites life-saving monoclonal antibody treatments.

Fox News reported:

Attorneys at the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) issued a letter Friday to SSM Health warning that it is illegal to distribute monoclonal antibody products (mAbs) based on race. The letter cited a Dec. 31 email to physicians by SSM Health that referenced a risk scoring calculator, in which non-White patients received a 7-point head start out of 20 total and were therefore more likely to receive life-saving medical treatment over White patients with medically recognized co-morbidities or symptoms, the attorneys argued.

“For example, a 50-year-old white female (15 points) suffering from obesity (1 point), asthma (1 point), and hypertension (1 point) would not be eligible for mAbs because she does not receive the 20-point minimum score under the calculator,” the letter stated. “On the other hand, an otherwise healthy 50-year-old African-American female (22 points), without any of these health risks, would be eligible.”

“The approach taken by your calculator is not only profoundly unethical and immoral, it is illegal,” the attorneys argued.

SSM Health, which operates hospitals in Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma and Wisconsin, said Friday that the calculator referenced in WILL’s letter was outdated and no longer being used.

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, medical professionals across the country have discriminated against white patients for COVID monoclonal antibody treatments.

This isn’t by accident, this is the policy of the Biden regime — to discriminate against COVID patients due to their race or ethnicity.

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