Friday 14 January 2022

“I Felt Like I Was In the Middle of a Tsunami and There Was No Way My Voice Was Going to Be Heard” – Paul Manafort in First Interview Since Being Pardoned (VIDEO)


Paul Manafort spoke publicly for the first time since being pardoned by President Trump on the coup attempt of President Trump and being swallowed up by the crooked Deep State. 

Paul Manafort was on with Sean Hannity on Wednesday night and he described the nightmare he recently endured after the crooks in the Deep State used him to get after President Trump.

Manafort shared:

I felt like I was in the middle of a tsunami and there was no way my voice was going to be heard against all of this onslaught of misinformation.  And then of course, when they did ultimately indict me they threw a gag order on me that made it impossible for me to speak even though they kept leaking stories that were proven false adn then when I started to fight against that gag order they through me in jail…

…the people pushing the January 6th allegations are the very same very ones for four and a half years refused to recognize the results of the 2016 election…

…they put me [in a] eight by ten room with no windows with no access to people, no access to the outside and limited ability to communicate with my lawyers…

…I saw Robert Mueller walking down the hallway once.  Other than that I had no contact with him and frankly he didn’t look like he knew who I was when I met him… Yes, it was Weissman.  He was the lead prosecutor on my case and from day one he was the one.  I mean they so overcharged me with my case that judge Ellis from Virginia actually admonished them from the bench saying why have you written all these charges?  You want to put this guy to jail forever?

Watch the full interview below.


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