Friday 14 January 2022

“Dr Fauci, Gimme That Ouchie” – YouTuber Dressed as a Nurse Trolls Dallas City Hall Meeting By Rapping About Vaccines As He Douses Himself in Hand Sanitizer (VIDEO)


On Wednesday, YouTuber Alex Stein brought laughs and sparked outrage among both the Left and the Right when a video of him singing a song about the Covid-19 vaccine during this morning’s Dallas City Council Meeting went viral.

The song included absurd lines like “vaccinate me in my thong – vaccination right or wrong,” and “Dr. Fauci gimme that ouchie.”

In the video, Stein begins by declaring, “Will the real Dr. Fauci please stand up.”

Over the next two minutes, Stein dances and raps about vaccinating moms, dads, babies – “even with rabies.”

“Vaccinate your DNA – vaccine created by the CIA. Vaccinate your body – Vaccinate me at the party…

…I want to vaccinate your mom – I want to stick it deep in your arm. Dr. Fauci give me that ouchie – I want it in my body.”

At one point, Stein even douses himself in hand sanitizer before using a wet wipe to clean the microphone and his forehead.

Despite the over-the-top outlandishness of the lyrics and his Lysol-wipe performance art, Stein, who was dressed in medical scrubs with his mask on, pulled the performance off so brilliantly that he had many people fooled, thinking that it was a serious rendition.

We are living in clown world, after all. Unfortunately, reality ain’t that far off.

Like a true performer, Stein was able to pull off the masterful troll job even though he experienced technical issues on his phone, forcing him to sing his piece acapella, which made the ridiculous performance that much more hilarious.

The show must go on.


And the full 3 minute clip:

Gotta give him credit, this dude went all out for that performance.

Stein is a frequent attendee of public meetings, where he regularly delivers satirical comments during public discussion. His YouTube channel, Conspiracy Corner, features videos about dystopian bug-based diets, child gender reassignment surgery, “the occultic rituals of 9/11,” and other conspiracy-themed topics.

And he’s already planning a follow-up to this performance – with even more ridiculous theatrics.

“Next time I’m going in there with backup dancers and a huge boombox,” Stein explained to The Daily Dot. “…It will be way better.”

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