Friday 24 December 2021

Two Maskless Singing White Nurses Entertain Maskless Jill Biden At White House While Mostly Minority Chorus Sing With Masks [VIDEO]

 As hospitals and clinics across the nation are shutting down over staffing shortages, a large group of singing nurses was invited to the White House to entertain the Biden’s today.

The socially distanced nurses, dressed in blue scrubs, danced and sang to a “We Need A Little Christmas” while a maskless Jill Biden stood to the side and watched. Only two white female nurses sang without masks, while the rest of the chorus, which consisted of primarily minorities, sang with masks over their faces.

Joe Biden doesn’t appear to have attended the event, although it’s entirely possible that he’s napping under the tree…


Many were not impressed with the song and dance routine performed by nurses for the Biden’s. The comments below the video on Twitter were brutal.

Here are just a few:
Imagine being a nurse and losing your job for not getting the jab just to see nurses get invited to the White House to sing

“Big Fish” wrote: “I have symptoms now after watching this.”

Several people asked why the nurses were doing a song and dance routine at the White House while people are dying in the hospital because they are so short-staffed.

“Celestial Ambidextrious” made a “Jeopardy” joke, saying: “I’ll take ‘What is State Propaganda for $2000, Alex.”

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