Friday 24 December 2021

New Modeling Data Reveals The TRUTH About Omicron: “Probably at least 10 times less severe than flu”...”More than 90% may never show symptoms”

 Dr. flip-flop Fauci was asked about the Omicron variant of COVID-19 during a White House briefing yesterday after South Korean health officials called Omicron a blessing in disguise because of its minimal symptoms and high degree of transmissibility. The doctor, who many no longer trust over his constant flip-flopping and his alleged involvement in the funding of the CCP virus at the Wuhan lab in China, might have agreed with the South Korean health official’s statement, but instead, he chose to keep Americans fearful over the new variant. “I would hate to say a ‘blessing in disguise.’” Fauci said.

“I never thought of a virus that can infect and kill people as a blessing in any way. But if you’re talking about would it be preferable to have Omicron be totally pervasive and be a relatively low degree of severity? Yes, obviously that would be preferable. But it’s dangerous business to be able to rely on what you perceive as a lower degree of severity.”

Why is Dr. Fauci refusing to acknowledge what many doctors have been saying about ending the COVID pandemic when herd immunity is achieved? Wouldn’t it be a blessing if an extremely weakened variant spread across the United States, infecting the majority of the population and giving everyone natural immunity—or vaccine manufacturers?

Why is the media still pushing COVID panic porn over Omicron?

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Some promising data is emerging in Africa, where the Omicron variant was first detected. The data suggests that the country’s Omicron-driven Covid wave is fading after just one month.

After seeing a 1,800 percent increase in infections from late November through mid-December, cases appear to have peaked nationally at about 27,000 on December 15.

Cases have fallen in the country for the last five days in a row. Between December 15 and December 22, the case rate has dropped by about 22 percent.

Daily Mail reports – As COVID cases soar across the U.S., health experts have predicted things will get worse in 2022 as the Omicron variant is expected to cause 140 million new infections from January to March, infecting 60 percent of all Americans, the majority of which will be asymptomatic cases.

Researchers from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington updated their COVID-19 model and expect the virus to hit the US hard come January, peaking at 2.8 million new cases a day by January 28.

“We are expecting an enormous surge in infections … so, an enormous spread of Omicron,” IHME director Dr. Chris Murray told USA Today.

‘Total infections in the U.S. we forecast are going from about 40 percent of the U.S. having been infected so far, to having in the next two to three months, 60 percent of the U.S. getting infected with Omicron.’

While meta-analyses have suggested previous variants cause about 40% of cases to be asymptomatic, Murray said more than 90% of people infected with omicron may never show symptoms.

Despite the surge, experts believe the new infections will ultimately lead to fewer deaths and hospitalizations than the deadly Delta variant, as Omicron is believed to be a more infectious but less severe variant.

Because the majority of those infected won’t feel sick or get tested, the researchers warned that the total infections will be underreported, predicting that only about 400,000 new cases will be reported every day as opposed to the more than a million.

Murray said that while the forecast may be pessimistic, it is within the area of possibility based on the current information scientists have on the Omicron variant, which now accounts for 73 percent of new cases in the US.

The good news, however, is that Omicron’s hospitalization rate is about 90 to 96 percent lower than Delta, which rampaged through much of the US in August.

‘In the past, we roughly thought that COVID was 10 times worse than flu, and now we have a variant that is probably at least 10 times less severe,’ Murray said. ‘So, omicron will probably … be less severe than flu but much more transmissible.’

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