Wednesday 3 July 2024

‘Prosecutorial Power’ Urged for 2020 ‘Zuckerbucks’ Influence



‘Republican officials and lawmakers who care about U.S. election integrity should take advantage’

Leading up to the 2020 presidential election, a billionaire leftist, Mark Zuckerberg, handed out some $400 million, now called “Zuckerbucks,” to influence the election, a plan that was put into action by “grants” to local elections officials to “help” them with the election during the COVID pandemic.

But it’s well-known now that the money often went to leftist districts where leftist elections officials used it to recruit leftist voters – who would vote for Joe Biden.

Along with the confirmed election interference by the FBI and CIA on behalf of Biden, it was one of the major influences in the election.

A large part of Zuckerberg’s handout, some $332 million plus, was run through the Center for Tech and Civic Life, a “charity” that by law was not supposed to engage in partisan actions.

Now an investigative report published at the Federalist suggests there’s a way to hold those involved to account.

“Our research revealed that, while election safety during COVID may have been the stated reason for CTCL’s program, this was not its purpose,” the report said.

The scheme operated through “strings attached” grants that purportedly went to many jurisdictions in an apolitical manner.

However, the report said, “Ultimately, the evidence suggests that its purpose was to win the election for Joe Biden at the electoral margin in the swing states. This puts the organization in a legally vulnerable position, and Republican legal officials and lawmakers who care about U.S. election integrity should take advantage.”

The report noted, “It is time for red state legal officials and lawmakers to think seriously about employing their prosecutorial power to sort out the unprecedented role that CTCL played in the 2020 election. State courts and the U.S. tax courts (for 501(c)(3) U.S. Tax Code violations) are promising venues through which to file charges against CTCL, its officers, and administrators.”

The report notes the evidence, including tax records, confirm that the group gave “all larger grants – on both an absolute and per capita basis to deeply Democratic urban areas.”

The “partisan pattern of funding was especially apparent in swing states,” the report revealed.

“In the counties where CTCL made its 50 largest grants per capita, the average partisan lean in favor of Democrats was 33 points, which corresponds to a 67 percent Democrat to 33 percent Republican vote breakdown. What’s more, of CTCL’s 10 largest grants per capita, seven were given to key urban counties and cities in Georgia and Wisconsin. Biden narrowly won these two swing states in 2020 — by no more than 12,000 votes and 21,000 votes respectively.”

The report noted as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, the group is legally barred from “partisan activity.”

Since that election, 28 states have taken action to limit or ban election interference through private donations for elections.

The CTCL “money trail,” the report said, “has been well documented with publicly available data, and it displays patterns of intense partisanship at the state and national levels in ways that seem inconsistent with CTCL’s charter as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.”

The report suggested, “there are vast troves of yet-to-be-examined electronic communications that took place during the summer and fall of 2020 while grant applications were solicited, funds were distributed, and advice was circulated regarding the use of those funds in winning the election for Joe Biden.”

While the cash distributions purportedly were to help officials encourage all voters to cast a ballot, the political intent was also was evident because the group gave its money, “all larger grants,” to “deeply Democratic urban areas.”

“In other words, the bulk of the money was spent in a sophisticated and novel effort to mobilize the mail-in ballots of specific voter profiles to benefit Democratic candidates, and the distribution of the largest CTCL grants ultimately increased Democrats’ partisan advantage in the electoral college.”

States with “no chance” of supporting Trump, or those with majority support for Trump, “received very little CTCL funding.”

“Swing states key to Joe Biden’s electoral college strategy like Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin were lavished with tens of millions of dollars in CTCL money averaging between $1 and $2 per capita. Georgia, the top CTCL grant recipient, received a whopping $41 million — roughly $4 per capita — the lion’s share of which went to only seven deep blue metro Atlanta counties out of the state’s 159.”

And, the report said, handouts to recruit voters unavoidably are partisan.

“An election official in Dallas, Texas knows that her jurisdiction voted 65 percent Democrat and 34 percent Republican in 2020. Thus, in her county, for every 100 additional voters, the expected distribution of Biden to Trump votes is 65 to 35 — an increase of Biden’s margin by an average of 30 votes. If this election official is successful in turning out an additional random distribution of 100,000 voters in her jurisdiction, she will have padded Biden’s margin by an additional 30,000 votes, even if all she does is say ‘Vote!'” the report said.

Further, “it is not the job of election administrators to boost voter turnout,” the report said.

“CTCL was involved in a conspiracy to interfere in the 2020 election using legally questionable means. Even if private election grants were technically ‘legal’ in 2020, the ability to exercise outside influence over the operation of the election system is not something that should be for sale to the highest bidder, ever,” the report said.

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